What we've learned over the years is that when you attend your first meeting with our group, we know you will be a member for many years. Because we are committed to quality and because we are not focused on being the biggest, we have built a network of amazing members. We look forward to introducing them to you. Please read over a few of these testimonials to get a sense of how our members feel about the network in their own words.
It is really a great pleasure meeting every year with all of the members. We personally regard most of the members as family, more than just than partners. Our experience showed that traffic within the group increased in mid-term range after the conferences every year, because the communication between members gets up to a completely new level after meeting our partners face to face, which always adds greater value to our work.
Ana Maria Silva, ILS
Global Value gives you the possibility to offer a full range of logistic services worldwide. The members have a very close business and friend relationship. Members are selected very carefully to ensure quality, so you know you can rely on their service. The number of members is limited per country which keeps the group very closely connected. Thanks to this network our company has had the opportunity to handle export shipments from Poland because 95% of it is sold EX,W so we depend from our agents at destination.
Barbara Lazaczak, Dedicated Logistics
There was a significant growth in our business after we co-sponsored the Annual Meeting in Lisbon, and of course there are no coincidences. My opinion is that the highlight on your company and your country during the event makes a tremendous impact on your fellow members. We now work with 50+ members on an ongoing basis.
Aniss Juma, All Ways Cargo
We are very happy to be a part of the Global Value Family. This membership helps us to enlarge our business and offer worldwide coverage to our valuable clients. We are very pleased that we can rely on our partners around the globe.
We have been participating with Global Value for almost 3 years and plenty of satisfaction. Actually, we belong to 3 more networks and none is so proactive like Global Value. We receive market reports, organization of seminars to be prepared for incoming industry changes facing stiff competition like Flexport, etc. Very solid communications with good balance of partners, supported by Directors. They also have offered many excellent ideas for promoting our business among partners inside and outside of the network. My recommendation: This is a top group, headed by experts on the trade. Always ready to support any big or small need.
Luis Frias, CEO, Transport Accion
We love to be part of this Network. We are working with some many agents and great people!! Love to always have your support when we need it! This is a very active network!!