Lune and GLNK Inc: Sustainable Logistics

March 1, 2024

Lune and GLNK Inc: Sustainable Logistics

The Business Case for Sustainability

We have all heard the bells ringing: it is crucially important for companies across all industries to take steps right away to reduce their impact on the environment.  With freight transportation accounting for 8% of global emissions, our industry is being called upon to take action now. 

Beyond the ethical reasoning for sustainability, there is a very compelling business case for putting sustainability at the forefront of your attention.

  1. Consumers and investors are increasingly expecting sustainable logistics solutions that align with their company culture and branding. Firms unable to offer their customers ways to offset emissions and other paths to reaching net-zero will lose out on business to competitors who can.
  2. Regulation is being rolled out around the world soon requiring shippers and logistics companies alike to report on their CO2 emissions, which means: it won’t even be an option to ignore!

In the past, adding the capability to provide Sustainable Logistics has been complex and cost prohibitive.  The good news? 

For members of Globalink & Global Value Network, it just got a whole lot easier.

GLNK Inc. and Lune Partnership Makes Sustainable Attainable for Forwarders

Lune and GLNK Inc. have joined forces, collaborating to bring climate action and a sustainable logistics service offering within reach for small-medium freight forwarders.

With Lune, freight forwarders and LSPs can easily automate emission calculations, and accelerate sustainability objectives by funding high quality climate projects and carbon insets, all using Lune’s easy to use platform.

This helps forwarders futureproof their business by getting ahead of this important trend, while making their companies competitive with end-to-end sustainable logistics. Using Lune via a simple spreadsheet upload, CargoWise plugin, or API software integration, Globalink & Global Value members will be able to:

  • Automate emissions calculations and allow shippers to contribute to impactful climate projects with Lune’s end-to-end solution.
  • Unlock emissions calculations for multi-modal and multi-leg shipments, covering 100+ transport modes (including 16,000 vessel-specific emissions factors, all common ocean vessel and barge types, 60+ truck & van types, common rail types, common airfreight types, and logistics sites).
  • Support claims with a methodology follows GLEC Framework and is audited & accredited by Smart Freight Centre, compliant with ISO 14083.
  • Build climate literacy with transparent and auditable explanations of emissions calculations for each shipment.
  • Automatically generate an emissions analytics page generated for you and your clients.
  • Focus on quality over quantity climate projects to ensure real impact and transparency, and reduce transport emissions using insetting initiatives.
  • Go-to-market with confidence with the resources you need to scale confidently.

For GLNK Inc, this collaboration helps its members most importantly by offering a competitive edge in the marketplace to its members.  Now members can navigate new, green waters with ease and expertise, offering services their clients need without a prohibitive onboarding cost or effort.

Already making a difference

To kick off this partnership, GLNK Inc. is proud to announce that they have already made a contribution to one of Lune’s climate projects,the Katigan Peatlands Forest Conservation Project.

This project was especially meaningful to GLNK Inc. as Indonesia is the host country for their upcoming 2024 Annual Meeting in Bali April 22 - 25.  

Thanks to this partnership with Lune, GLNK Inc. can proudly say that they have already given back to the country hosting this event, with their contribution amounting to 132.28 tCO₂ in emissions offset.  This project benefits not only the local wildlife and habitat but also local communities with improved sanitation and educational resources. This effort is only the beginning of what GLNK Inc. and Lune look forward to accomplishing together.

GLNK Inc. has pledged to move sustainability up on their agenda on behalf of all members of Globalink and Global Value Networks, and is proud to have taken this first step in partnership with Lune.

Exclusive member benefits

To celebrate the collaboration, all Globalink members will receive an exclusive offer of two months free on Lune’s emissions calculations services (with a minimum 12-month contract)! Mention GLNK to the Lune team to redeem the benefit.

For Globalink & Global Value members, this is a move towards a future where logistics is not just about connecting points A to B, but also doing so in a way that benefits our planet and keeps our companies competitive. To take advantage of the exclusive member benefits, request a demo via Lune’s website.

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