The best financial protection program is working with quality partners. No matter what the limits or the terms from a protection program, a bad partner may cost you a life-time of business when you lose a client. Consequently, our network limits membership and is totally focused on quality, you enjoy the highest level of protection to begin with.

We also agree with providing a safety net should a company declare bankruptcy, insolvency, or if any fraud is discovered. Therefore, all our members participate in our Platinum Plus Financial Protection program.

Every member of our network is protected against fraud, bankruptcy or insolvency when working with every other member in the network up to $20,000.00 per incident, per year. In our 15 plus years of operating, Platinum Plus has never had a payout anywhere near this amount, and therefore we have not increased this amount. This serves as a testimony to the quality of our membership. To read more about this program, please click the download button