To become a Global Value Network Member, and remain in good standing, each company must make and keep the following commitments. Please sign this page as evidence of your firm's support for these commitments. Once you have completed and signed this form, email it to


  • To support fellow members as much as possible
  • To commit and adhere to the Globalink Network Guidelines
  • To comply and uphold these commitments and those outlined in the Globalink Agreements noted above
  • To actively participate in Globalink Programs, such as our Quality Ranking system
  • To pay all invoices in a timely manner; to members and the network
  • To be active in sales endeavors on behalf of other members
  • To respect other members existing customer base and refrain from back - selling
  • To refrain from bidding one member against another by not using competitive bids from different members in the same market
  • To provide bona fide sales leads to other members when possible
  • To attend the Annual Meeting, as a condition of membership
  • To operate in accordance with stated shipping advice
  • To promptly respond to all communications (within 24 hours)
  • To quote rates in full and in a timely manner
  • To share profits in accordance to prior agreement with other members
  • To seek the assistance of Globalink Administration for dispute resolution
  • To not use one's membership to sell or promote membership in any other competing network



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