The Globalink Network (formed 2003) and The Global Value Network (formed 2015) are partner networks of independent freight forwarders from around the world working together to build business and increase agency sales with less cost and less risk.  Limited membership per country, higher standards of quality for entry, a higher level of commitment, and sales driven web features all function together for your highest return on investment, driven by your effort.


At our core, we are a father/son team that is passionate about being the best forwarder network in our industry.  I have well over forty years in the international forwarding business from the United States and the Middle East.  I have started up, managed, owned and sold forwarding companies and warehouse companies.  However, our networks have been our sole focus since their beginning.   My son Will, our Vice President, joined the team 9 plus years ago, and is involved in every aspect of our network business.



Having started and built small forwarding companies, I have stood where you stand as an independent freight forwarder.  I have always believed in being a niche player.  We prefer profit over volumes, we have always sold value and quality over price, and we believe that commitment to integrity and high standards is everything.  

In the network world, everyone uses the word “quality” quite loosely, with little or no definition.  For us, quality is a function of commitment to high standards and to one another.  We bring every effort we can to support of our member’s success, and we ask for a higher level of commitment to one another as partners.  We have a long record of continually bringing cutting edge ideas and programs to our members.  We offer a range of tools and programs that are above and beyond most if not all our competitors, all of which are built to enhance our members return on investment.

We think it is important that members know how to get a good return on this investment, and we are truly clear on this.  Sales is sales, whether it is agency sales or commercial clients.  Our founding motto is GOOD RELATIONSHIPS builds GOOD BUSINESS.   As is the case with all sales, it takes proactive and consistent effort of reaching to initiate and build relationships to succeed.  We are 100% dedicated to partnering with our members to help ensure their success in building productive relationships.   This takes the effort of both parties.  Sitting back and waiting for results never works, whether you join our group, or any other.

We believe GOOD RELATIONSHIPS are best built-in smaller groups, with high quality partners.  Bigger is not better when it comes to building quality relationships.  We therefore limit membership to two members for most countries, with more slots allotted to some countries depending on GDP. 

We have proven our approach successful now for over 18 years, and we continue to grow.  We bring a highly effective agency sales tool, and for those who use the tool, they achieve a significant return on their investment.

We are truly a family of independent forwarders and logistics providers who come together to expand their business and revenue streams while building lifelong high-quality relationships. This family atmosphere truly sets us apart.

We operate two networks: The GLOBALINK NETWORK ( is our original network and is getting filled up in most countries.   With the success of Globalink, we decided a few years ago to start our second network: THE GLOBAL VALUE NETWORK ( .  Global Value works on the same model as Globalink, and both share the same financial network protections.   These are two different groups, but with the same proven model, protections, and support.  You can work with members of both groups with our introduction, or you are welcome to join both groups for full access. Business being shared across our networks continues to work well for both groups.

We would love to help you expand your business and welcome you to the family!

Bill Siemens


GLNK, Inc.