For over 15 years, The Global Value Network has proven how effective our model is in helping independent forwarders of all sizes build business with one another:
  • We are founded on the principle that GOOD RELATIONSHIPS build GOOD BUSINESS. We restrict membership to two slots for most countries, depending on GDP. We are also a non-exclusive network. Which means you don't need to give up any profitable agency relationships, we are here to add to those.
  • We are committed to HIGH STANDARDS and HIGH QUALITY MEMBERS. Companies must be in business at least 4 years to join, and must adhere to our policies and guidelines.
  • We offer a VERY EFFECTIVE , PROVEN , AGENCY SALES TOOL. Members who use the tool, and bring a sales effort to this agency sales tool, have proven to get a solid return on their investment.
  • We are a FAMILY of independent forwarders and logistics providers, most all of which operate in different niches, and are looking to elevate their relationships to a STRATEGIC LEVEL, to leverage these niches and EXPAND THEIR REVENUE STREAMS.
  • We are a DEDICATED PARTNER TO EACH OF OUR MEMBERS, supporting and assisting their efforts to build business with fellow members.