Today, we are thrilled to officially announce our partnership with Freightify

Freightify is an online freight rate management tool to help forwarders research and secure rates with carriers. Their platform has live and up to date information on quotes, rates and schedules.

With this partnership, we hope to enable freight forwarders in our network with the opportunity to digitize their global trade business.

Freightify empowers freight forwarders by providing white labeled rate automation solutions to digitize their rate procurement, rate management and quotation processes with ease. 

In addition to this, they also provide track and trace solutions that help freight forwarders in getting the live location of vessels and automated milestones within seconds.

‍Our 200+ freight forwarders facilitate the movement of cargo from one place to another through a series of events such as quotations, accepting the email/telephonic bookings, managing documentation, coordinating and tracking shipments. Most of that happens MANUALLY.

Now, imagine having a digital platform that enables you to automate all these manual tasks and save 70% of the time invested while cutting down 50% of the cost just at the click of a button. 

Freightify empowers freight forwarders to go digital by providing plug-and-play technologies and services for the entire logistics value chain. 

We're thrilled with this partnership and we hope it excites our members too.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out.