As the world begins to get back to normal, can you think of any reason you should not be expanding your worldwide agency business? 


Some might say they don’t want to take on any risk.


But what if that wasn’t an issue?


Some might say they don’t want to take on any new costs.


But what if that wasn’t an issue?


Some might say they can’t make the effort, but what can possibly be achieved without effort?


In fact, the safest and most logical thing you can do to protect your business is to continue to expand your revenue base and revenue streams.  Surely, we can agree on this one!


The key is how to do this in the most prudent way, to minimize cost and risk.  This is where the economics of success comes in.


First, consider the end results.  Building your worldwide agency business, when done right, can not only enhance your sales and revenues, but it can also provide new clients, and sometimes even completely new business niche opportunities.   Developing new partnerships around the world expands the scope and the reach of your sales efforts. 


So what is the best, most prudent way to get there?


Many forwarders begin from an obvious starting point.  Assign someone to start finding companies to email offers to, and broadcast like crazy.  Economically, this is a high risk, high cost, low return approach.  Trying to start new business with someone you do not know can be a disaster.  Companies realize that the cost for someone to run this program, the low returns, and a few bad experiences, make this a marginal business at best.


Luckily, cavemen discovered the value of using tools, and we have been better off ever since.


With almost twenty years in the direct agency sales business, I can assure you that for about the price of a monthly business entertainment dinner, and some effort on your part, you can realize the benefits that come with expanding your business, through agency sales.     And it boils down to using a specifically designed tool, instead of just doing this on you own.


At our networks, THE GLOBAL VALUE NETWORK and THE GLOBAINK NETWORK, we spread the cost of full-time agency salespeople over hundreds of members.  You cannot do this on your own, because all your costs are your own.   With a network, your cost of new partner acquisition drops like a rock, especially considering that you instantly come into relationship with a network full of high-quality partners. 


With our Platinum Plus Financial protection, as well as the protections of operating within the network, your risk is eliminated.  Your sales effort is far more effective as it shifts to relationship building, rather than trying to convince someone to work with you.   Because of these protections, our members specifically look to work with members inside the network, before looking elsewhere.


And there is a long list of tools that make this easy, like our mobile app, our WhatsApp groups, our Directories with CRM capability, plus many others.


The key, as I said earlier is the effort you bring from your side.  What we offer can be considered your outsourced agency sales tool.   And, with any tool, it works when you work it.    You must be consistent and proactive, as in building any relationship.


Let’s review, from the perspective of economics.  Your sales costs are dramatically lower, lower than you can reach on your own.  Your risk is eliminated.  And your effectiveness is only limited by your effort.


Before we invite you to find out more, just a note of caution.  There are tools and there are tools.  Professionals use professional tools, that are of higher quality and cost a bit more than those you find at the discount store.  Once again, economics comes into play.  


We all know there is no shortage of networks out there.  And, what happens in industries that undergo this kind of crowding, or commoditization, is that networks who cannot sell value, sell price.  Giving away memberships in a group for free is not only selling price, above all else, but it communicates the group’s priorities.  If membership at any or no cost is the goal, then ask yourself if this going to produce the kind of quality partners you are looking to work with, or trust your clients with?  If being part of the group means no commitment from the start, then what do you have left?   Be careful.  You are already saving considerable money over doing this in house, the marginal differences in going as cheap as you can find, usually turns out to be the most expensive lesson you never wanted.


We are among the oldest operators in this space, meaning we consistently deliver value to our members year after year.  We do this with cutting edge tools and programs.  Unlike many of our competitors, we can show you exactly how to get a significant return on this investment, and we partner with you to accomplish this.   In the end, beyond pure price, isn’t getting a return on your investment what matters most?


We limit membership in favor of quality and high standards, and we still have a few open slots.  


We would like to prove to your that the economics of quality and commitment always pays higher in the end.


If you would like to explore this a bit more, please contact Will Siemens at


We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and to help you achieve your goals.