What we all know is that our businesses can only get as big as our thinking.   And, right now, with all the challenges of the pandemic and all the ripple effects, it’s tough to THINK BIG right now.


Economic constraints, slow business volumes, margin pressures and ever challenging competitors all constrict THINKING BIG.


If we let ourselves get caught up in negativity, if we think things are only headed down, then it is predictable as to where you and your business will end up.


IT’S A NEW YEAR, and it’s time we RENEW our thinking, and GET RESULTS.  


While the media and the conversation has been discouraging, it’s time to step out of that swirl and reconnect with the truth.  THE WORLD ECONOMY is still out there, with all the opportunity and promise it holds.   The key for us is to open our companies up to more of those opportunities, in a prudent and effective way.


Significantly growing your Worldwide Agency Business can have a big impact on your business and there are ways to do this very prudently.


I can hear it already:   I’ve tried freight forwarding networks, and I am still in some freight forwarding network(s), but I get nothing out of them.  I pay my fees, I might even go to the Meetings (when that was happening), but I do not cover my fees.     


And, if you are in this category, I have got good news for you. 


You are either in the wrong network, or, you are not using this tool correctly, or both.   But, the good news, IT’S NOT THE TOOL’S FAULT!   You cannot blame a shovel for not digging a hole if you leave it in the shed. You can not blame a network if you do not make the necessary effort.  It is the sameThe good news is that this can be easily fixed, and it is in your control.


IT’S A NEW YEAR, and it’s time we RENEW our thinking, and GET RESULTS.   


Without a doubt, the freight forwarding network model is the most cost-effective tool for expanding worldwide sales.   On average. membership costs less than a business dinner each month, and offers substantial opportunity while mitigating risk in ways an independent forwarder cannot do on their own.


So why in the world are so many forwarders underwhelmed with their return on their investments from networks?    Having been in this field for 18 plus years, let me share a few observations as to why this people’s approach to networks is ineffective:




If I had $10 for every time a forwarding company joined a network, did nothing or next to nothing to develop relationships or any business, left the network after investing in it for years, and blamed the network, I would make Jeff Bezos look like a pauper.  


Too many networks over promise and under deliver, this is true.  The hype and marketing have gone parabolic with the explosion of new networks coming into the space.   Regardless of all the wonderful graphic displays, all the long agency lists paraded before you, here is a secret, something for nothing never works.   Paying your membership, sitting back, and waiting on the network to deliver is as silly as putting an “OPEN” sign on your door, and waiting for shipping clients to somehow find you, walk in your door and demand you take their business!


Many networks, maybe most, are unclear as to their role or their value proposition.  A network should be very clear about this because if they’re not, you’re in trouble.


 SALES IS SALES.  And, you know, successful sales take consistent proactive efforts.   It takes a plan; it takes goals, and it takes follow through.   In this context sales is all about the effort it takes to build and expand trust and relationships with your partners.


Just bringing EFFORT of this kind, for most companies, would double or triple their existing results.


If you combine effort with the right tool, the hole gets dug, every time.




Let’s just say you get the first point, and know it takes proactive effort.   You understand that there is not a less expensive, more effective way for you to build your worldwide agency business than working with the right network.  And this year you are going to commit to being very proactive in building relationships and enjoying a significant return on this investment, no more excuses.


Well, be sure you pick up a shovel and not a spade.  A spade starts a hole but is not particularly good at digging a whole.   You need the right tool.


Some networks are more operational than sales focused.   Some have almost no focus.   You may like consolidating cargoes as a key benefit, but that is not necessarily a sales focused network.  Unless your network talks to you about how to build, unless they can point to specific tools that support that effort, you very well may have the wrong tool.


We know the highest and best use of a network is to build sales, and we have built our groups around that mission.  At a minimum you should expect CRM capabilities. Ours is built right into our Directory.  You should expect the ability to provide quality feedback on all members.  Ours is built right into our Directory.  You should be able to easily communicate 24/7 with your fellow members, with your mobile phone.  Our Mobile Apps and our WhatsApp group see a large amount of business being exchanged daily, for those who participate.    You should also be receiving communications such as sales planning and execution, from your network partner, which we send out regularly.


IT’S A NEW YEAR, and it’s time we RENEW our thinking, and GET RESULTS.   


If this year is finally time to increase the success of your Agency Sales efforts, then we strongly recommend you actively participate in a forwarding network that is specifically sales driven.  This makes sense, right?


It is time to get on with it and expand your agency sales and revenues.  WE KNOW THIS IS DOABLE AND WE’VE PROVEN THIS YEAR AFTER YEAR TO COMPANIES JUST LIKE YOURS! 


If you would like to know how we can prove this to you, please contact Bill Siemens, at